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The 4 key things to look for when comparing Over 50s Health Insurance

Private hospitals
You may have a particular private hospital in mind when buying health insurance, usually close to your home or family. With Over 50s Health Insurance you can choose the hospital you would like to be treated in.

Level of cover
When buying an Over 50s Health Insurance policy you will be able to choose your level of cover. There are three different types of cover, usually categorised as budget, standard and comprehensive.

Types of underwriting
There are three types of underwriting to choose from when buying an Over 50s Health Insurance policy. These are Moratorium, Full Medical Underwriting and Switch.

Additional options
Many health insurers such as Aviva and PruHealth allow you to choose extra features on top of your core health insurance cover.

The 3 key features to look for when comparing Over 50s Health Insurance

  1. Outpatient cover for consultations, specialist fees, physiotherapy and diagnostic tests such as blood tests and x-rays, on an out-patient basis
  2. Full cancer cover including chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  3. Psychiatric cover and complementary therapies cover

Discount schemes
Discount schemes are a good way of saving money on your premiums without losing cover. Popular discount schemes include a six week wait option and an increase in excess. Request a quote for more information about these plans.

Not sure what you need?
Before purchasing any form of health insurance you should speak to a qualified health insurance advisor. HealthInsurance4Over50s makes this easy; simply fill the form to the right and we will have a specialist advisor call you back who will be able to discuss your particular circumstances, explain to you the options available and advise on the type of cover you require.