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Who are we?

HealthInsurance4Over50s is a consumer website with the sole purpose of helping you, the consumer to find the best health insurance deal for your circumstances by putting you in contact with a qualified health insurance advisor who can search the market and talk you through your options.

What do we do?

HealthInsurance4Over50s links people seeking health insurance advice to qualified health insurance advisors who can help assist those people search the market and obtain detailed quotes and advice on financial products and services that suit their particular requirements.

HealthInsurance4Over50s is 100% committed to ensuring that you get the right personal finance deal for your particular circumstances and best of all we do this at absolutely no charge.

HealthInsurance4Over50s is not tied to any particular insurance company, our site is 100% impartial and our service gives you access to the entire UK market.

Why use HealthInsurance4Over50s?

  1. Our aim is to make it easy for you to compare and find the right health insurance product for your circumstances
  2. HealthInsurance4Over50s service is FREE
  3. We only work with advisors who have signed up to the most stringent standards within their industry and are committed to impartial insurance advice and with the appropriate regulation where necessary
  4. Our service is impartial, we do not promote any particular insurance company or product

Does HealthInsurance4Over50s offer advice?

No. HealthInsurance4Over50s is completely impartial and doesn’t offer advice or an opinion on any financial product. We leave this to the experts.

How does HealthInsurance4Over50s make money?

HealthInsurance4Over50s is totally free for you to use. In order to keep this service free we charge the financial service advisors who we pass your details onto. This charge may be fixed or variable but will only relate to the introduction of you to the financial advisor. We will not receive nor charge any other amount to you or the financial advisor your details are passed to other than that described above, nor will we be due commission in any form, from any product you may choose to purchase through an advisor you are introduced to through this service.